Future of Digital Marketing in 2021

2020 has been a crazy year for most of us, as individuals as well as businesses. Many of us struggled with the unexpected effects of pandemic and this has been the same with the marketing industry.

While most of the brands looked at digital as a preferred medium/channel during the lockdown period due to the increased screentime from the avg customer, achieving goals such as increase sales/leads via digital channels were harder than ever due to the ever-changing dynamics of consumer behavior due to the negative economical impact from the pandemic.

Recently I’ve been talking to some colleagues as well business owners about what they are planning to do during 2021 to be successful in digital marketing and hopefully look at the growth of their business and following are some key points we came up to focus on during 2021.

  • More accurate metrics
  • Podcasts, webinars, and personal brand
  • Data-driven campaigns will be focused more
  • Segmentation, targeting, and personalization
  • Chatbots and personalized communication

Bonus: Here are my thoughts specially on Sri Lankan market if you are in the process of creating your digital strategy for 2021

Tips of 2021 Digital Strategy

Let’s talk about these key points bit more..

More accurate metrics

in 2020, while most of the viewability, reach and impressions metrics increased, especially during the lockdown period brands really didn’t see much of an increase from their sales and revenue figures. This is mainly due to the decreasing purchasing power of consumers due to pandemics. From a marketing point of view, most of the brands were celebrating the viewability numbers without focusing much on deeper metrics such as ROI/ leads/CPAs, etc.

In 2021, this will definitely be a key point to consider and evaluate your digital marketing approach during a post-pandemic era.

Personalization and data-driven campaigns

Personalization always has been a key point when it comes to digital marketing and most of the brands start using their 1st and 3rd party data to improve the ad personalization and provide a better experience to their target customers. However, it’s not looking all rainbows and unicorns for marketers when it comes to personalizations due to recent changes in Third-Party Cookies.

As a marketer, it is important to stay updated and looking for alternative ways of personalization in digital channels to overcome this obstacle and deliver better-personalized solutions to the target market.

I am planning to do an in-detail video covering all the points (and more) I mentioned previously and let me know whether you agree with these points or not.

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