How can Sri Lankan businesses use Web Analytics for brand success

Recently I did a video on my YouTube channel – Millennial Asian Lecturer to discuss the recent changes in the Google Analytics platform which completely change the GA (Google Analytics) interface with the introduction of few new key features. You can find the video below if you haven’t seen it yet,

Today I wanted to discuss how GA could be used to improve your brand performance in the Sri Lankan market. Even today, we work with so many brands and companies which don’t use any kind of web analytics services to understand their performance and use insights to improve their business.

The following are a few key things that I believe that the Sri Lankan business could use a web analytics service such as Google Analytics for the success of the brand/business.

Understanding the audience

Most of the Sri Lankan brands run digital campaigns on social as well as other platforms such as Youtube, Display, etc without really understanding their audience or analyzing the audience they reached in a post-campaign scenario to evaluate the campaign success. If you as a brand person ran a campaign directing traffic to the website, you could use GA to easily understand your audience or before running a campaign, if you need to understand in a usual day what kind of audience you have in your website, you could use GA to perform this task also.

Following are few key reports you could use in GA to find these data,

Location Reports

Geo > Location

The location report shows you where your visitors are located geographically, which can give small business owners to help solve business problems. This report can be drilled down by country, region, city, and metro. This is a great go-to report to ensure you are reaching the right people and locations.

Mobile Overview Reports

Mobile > Overview

Have you ever wondered what kind of devices results in the most time spent on your website, or even just new and returning visitors? Duration and new user are two examples of metrics in the Mobile Overview report that can be used to measure performance within the Device Category dimension.

Custom Segments

If you want to learn even more about your site visitors, check out our blog on creating custom segments within Google Analytics to draw greater insights on user interactions.  

Implementing custom segments will need some degree of technical knowledge but it could be really ideal to analyse certain data related to your business

Eg Implementation: A few years back while I was working for a travel startup in Sri Lanka, I implemented a custom segment to track the traffic coming from each guest blogger to implement an incentive-based payment structure to reward the bloggers based on the number of visits they are getting for their articles. This is implemented in GA and used Google Data Studio to create a dashboard for easy access for all the stakeholders. Something like this could be done easily using custom segments.

Traffic Source Report

All Traffic > Source/Medium

Traffic Source reports show you the source and medium between all site visitors. Source data will show you everything pertaining to where they were coming from—Facebook, Yahoo, Google, or even third-party sites. Then we have Medium, which buckets the sources into how they got to your website, for example, from the direct, organic, referral, or social.

How about e-commerce data? (Revenue, Sales, Tax etc)

With the current pandemic situation, most of the brands are trying to either strengthen their e-commerce capabilities or build their e-commerce capabilities to be in business and continue the services online.

If you are such a business, having properly implemented e-commerce tracking is critical to understand how your business is doing in the online business. These data could be used to,

  • Understand the performance of your e-com site
  • Understand the revenue data
  • Do advanced re-marketing campaigns for the visitors of the website who didn’t convert

I am planning to cover this as a separate topic later on for the business who is into e-commerce since it’s a more advanced and different approach from basic GA implementations.

Hope this will help you if you are a small business owner or someone who is managing a brand. If you do have specific questions or just want to discuss anything specific digital business-related queries, you could reach me via the following email address.

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