Best digital marketing course in Sri Lanka in 2020?

For the last 5 years, I’ve been part of many Sri Lankan institutes and universities to develop and plan digital marketing courses and syllabuses. Back in the days when digital wasn’t a trending topic or education stream most of us didn’t have a concern about how to choose the best digital course due to reasons such as availability and popularity etc.

Things have changed now and digital and social marketing and other aspects of digital have caught the attention of most of the brands and sectors with an increased demand for digital education.

So this article is focusing on addressing this issue from a Sri Lankan point of view to some personal and professional perspective as a lecturer which I believe to be useful in the current scenario.


Recently I saw a surge of posts inquiring about this topic specifically in social groups and forms such as the following example,

While there are over 50+ comments most of them were either from a personal student POV or from a brand representative POV which can be biased and not addressing the pros and cons of different programs.

So I’ve decided to follow video addressing this concern to provide some analysis on what kind of aspects you should be considering before enrolling to a digital program locally as well as what are the institutes/programs which I can recommend personally to follow and get a value in terms of digital education.

My opinion on how to select a course suits your requirement on digital education

During this video, I have addressed the following points which you should ask yourself as a potential learner before selecting an institute to get the best out program and the value.

Points discussed

  • What do you expect from a digital marketing course?
  • Lecture panel
  • Accreditation and recognition
  • Value and the other factors

Hope this video could help to make a decision on your concerns about digital marketing programs and make the right decision for your education needs.

All the related course links are mentioned in the video descriptions if anyone wants to refer back to them.


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