Importance of an omnichannel marketing approach during this pandemic

Current pandemic has been a wake up call for most of the marketers to re-look at their approach with a blooming set of new opportunities. While most of the industries got affected negatively by the pandemic situation, there are few industries that have positive new opportunities to explore.

Omni Channel marketing approach has been a word that has been thrown around recently among marketers, business leaders without much of implementation focus. However, this pandemic fast tracked the opportunity as well as the requirement to focus on a more refined omni channel approach to survive during this pandemic economic crisis. 

Despite an expedited focus toward digital, marketers cannot ignore the importance of having implemented a holistic marketing approach for their brands which will have a proper combination of online and offline elements. 

When a well-defined omni channel approach is implemented it is vital to target a brand’s prospects with the right message at the right time focusing on building maximum brand awareness, positive perception and in the end converting them into a lead or a sale. 

Is there an actual value of implementing an Omni Channel approach?

According to Google, Omnichannel strategies drive an 80% higher rate of incremental store visits. (Think with Google) In a global survey done by Google it was found that 74% of in-store shoppers who searched online before going to the store to shop, said they searched for something in-store related such as the closest store near them, locations, in stock near them, hours, directions, wait times, and contact information.

Looking at the various studies done by Google and few other leading institutes we can understand that how most of the offline purchases are influenced heavily by the brand’s online presence and the activities which gives you solid reasons to marketers to look at a more refined approach of having a combined marketing strategy in place with online and offline elements.

Creating an omnichannel strategy

Once the fundamental requirement is understood by a marketer/ a brand, the next step is to develop a solid, well-defined omnichannel marketing plan which is supported by key strategies, tracking and execution level mechanisms. 

  • Understand the customer journey: Look at what are the methods a typical customer goes through related to your business. Get insights related to key milestones in the customer journey 
  • Measurement is the key: During every step of the customer journey , marketers are presented with great opportunity to understand and generate great insights by collecting various type of data focusing on the funnel which can be used greatly during future analysis to implement the strategy 
  • Segment the users: Once the data is collected as mentioned in the previous step, utilize the data you collected about the end user to create refined customer persona which can be used to create personalized comms strategy with seamless integration with various channels 
  • Content is still the key:Having proper segmented data will only have minimal impact without having a compelling personalized content strategy. The content must be able to elicit behaviors and actions that can be measured and analyzed.
  • Monitor in real time and act fast:Once the strategy is in place and campaigns are executed real time monitoring and understanding the data in all the primary channels and quickly addressing any questions/concerns becomes a key point for the success 
  • What’s beyond sales and marketing: Beyond sales and marketing, insights and understanding you gain from having a omnichannel strategy can help a brand to create more refined and focused new product/service developments with better insights

While transiting into a more digitally focused omnichannel approach could be expensive, time-consuming, and challenging for most of the traditional brands, it provides greater tracking, flexibility, and long-term cost efficiency. Which will ultimately help most of the brands to survive and gain advance during a hard time such as this pandemic 

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