Does SEO matters in 2020?

SEO has been one term that has been used during last 10+ years by digital marketing professionals locally and globally over and over again as a critical part of digital marketing process.

While this has been discussed in details for the longest time, have you wondered whether it’s still relavant in 2020? This article is a part of series of articles focusing on understanding the importance of SEO in 2020 to anyone who try to promote their brand/business in the cluttered online space.

During this series, I’m planning to discuss about few recent major changes happened in recent past in SEO field that shown significant impact in the industry which

BERT update with higher user focused attention

BERT has been a major update Google introduced this year which captured the attention of the most of the digital marketing professionals this year which believed to have a significant impact on the search results. So what does this BERT update means?

According to searchenginejournal,

“Bert is a natural language processing pre-training approach that can be used on a large body of text. It handles tasks such as entity recognition, part of speech tagging, and question-answering among other natural language processes. Bert helps Google understand natural language text from the Web.

Google has open sourced this technology, and others have created variations of BERT.”

What have we seen so far as the impact of BERT?

Interesting, the current impact most of the SEO specialists seen due to BERT is not have been major as as yet. While it’s still too early to measure any long term significant impact which may happen, it seems like most of the long term keywords which used with most of the SEO optimisation efforts are not affected so far.

So what could change because of BERT?

Ultimately, the BERT update helps Google understand natural language. As a result, digital specialists should continue to write engaging content aimed at customers.

Previously, most of the SEO professionals recommended writing content aimed at the algorithm. Although the SEO world is well beyond the days of keyword stuffing, many sites still contain “robotically-written” content that lacks engagement. So, while making on-page SEO optimisations, continue to make changes that make your content more readable to people.

There are few good sources to if you are keen to understand little bit more about BERT update which I can recomend to get a deeper understanding about the change,

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Hope you find these information useful and looking forward to connect with second article of this series focusing on latest trends in digital.



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